CBD Oil In Australia – Where To Buy And More

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CBD has become something of a hot trend in Australia as of late.

In this article, we will be explaining what CBD oil is, research on the compound, the current landscape surrounding hemp products in Australia, and the potential benefits of using this cannabinoid.

We will also be showing our own products.

Here at C.O.A, we believe in using only plant-derived 100% organic hemp extract and never include artificial “isolate” in any of our formulas.

What Are CBD Gummies?

It’s pretty self explanatory really – they are gummy bears that contain cannabidiol. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant and its relative the hemp plant. It is not to be mistaken with THC, the other main active ingredient, that is infamous for causing psychoactive effects when marijuana is consumed. This substance does not cause any psychoactive effects and is more known for its pretty amazing healing powers. While research is really just starting to come into the mainstream, cannabis oil is already being used all over the world to treat a host of health conditions.

What Health Conditions Can CBD Oil Help?

Hemp-derived cannabis oil is quickly becoming known as potential aid for a variety of conditions. It has been shown to be potentially helpful in many health conditions and some patients swear by its effects.

We just published a new blog post on CBD Oil’s Benefits And Uses that talks all about this in depth.

Here are some of the main health conditions associated with hemp treatment:

● Reduce Anxiety (and other neurotic ailments)
● Reduce Pain and Inflammation
● Control Antipsychotic Effects
● Relieve Cancer Symptoms
● Stop Nausea (and other digestive issues)
● Improve Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders
● Incidence of Diabetes (possibly reduces the chance)
● Improve Cardiovascular Health
● Control Neurodegenerative Disorders
● Acne

What Are The Advantages?

The advantages of using cannabis oil are many. Now that there are many different ways to take it (capsules, vaping etc.) it is just about choosing which method works best for you.

The main advantage of using CBD gummies is that they are a fun, organic way of taking hemp-derived cannabis oil. You should be careful when reading the packaging to make sure the gummies you have chosen are organic. Keep reading to find out our favorite four brands.

Where Can You Get Them In Australia?

Hemp oil is becoming super popular basically everywhere now.

It is fast-becoming a popular medicine so it is easy to access for most people, especially on the internet. You can get hemp-derived cannabis gummies them from local medical marijuana dispensaries, head shops and from the countless online shops.

We will link to websites where you can quickly purchase our four favorite brands of these natural therapeutic gummies.

However, you should take care to ensure that the products you are getting are sourced from non-GMO hemp farms that are all-natural and organic(as with any natural products you buy).

These types of all-natural CBD products typically have a more well-rounded and full spectrum cannabinoid profile, when compared to Epidiolex which is a pharmaceutical formulation of cannabidiol.

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Is CBD Actually Legal In Australia?

The Australian government currently uses the Special Access Scheme(SAS) to determine who is eligible to access medicinal marijuana.

There are many approved therapeutic uses and you will simply have to see if you qualify by going through the required documents and completing them as well as fulfilling other elements of the process.

You can also check out our new guide on How To Access CBD And Medicinal MJ In Australia, which provides a lot of key details that other people have left out.

Probably the most comprehensive page that covers many different aspects of CBD and other cannabis & hemp products is the TGA’s Medicinal cannabis – guidance documents.

Go here to read the official statement on hemp seed oil’s legality in Australia.

The ODC(Office Of Drug Control) has long been trying to inform people about the government’s official stance on medicinal marijuana-related products.

That’s why they have this entire page about it here.

There is also a good Reddit thread that has a lot of personal experiences on this topic.


We like to remind ourselves that although these products are certainly being sold near Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth, we still want to make sure that the official national government is on our side as well.

Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister, has not yet released his personal opinion on this matter himself(but we will waiting eagerly to hear what he has to say since we are huge fans of him).

With all of that being said- we think it’s time to get to what makes us nerds tick the most- the science behind it all!

The Science Behind Cannabidiol: How It Works Exactly

NOTE: CBD products have not yet been approved for any “official” use, nor is the “science” shown here necessarily 100% proven. The information shown on this site is simply what we have found based on our own anecdotal research. Do your own research and don’t rely solely on us.

The oil derived from the hemp plant known as cannabidiol oil is not to be confused with the strains of the plant used for marijuana purposes. The main difference between these is that hemp-derived oil is exceptionally low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – is what causes a high in marijuana users and causes marijuana to be considered a psychoactive drug. Hemp oil’s lack of THC and lack of psychoactive effects causes it to be labeled as more of a therapeutic aid.

The paper Hemp & Cannabidiol: What is a Medicine? talks about the stuff below in a lot more depth.

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What Cannabidiol Does In The Body

CBD oil possesses an enormous range of potential uses and health benefits. This includes reducing inflammation, soothing anxiety, improving a person’s mood, all but eliminating depression, preventing pain from inflammatory arthritis, adding protection to the immune system, balancing a person’s metabolism, aiding sleep disorders, fighting developing cancerous cells and even healing the skin.

The University Of Sydney has a cool page about how cannabinoids work that talks about this.

Cannabis oil can be used in numerous different ways and has a variety of applications for natural health. The various forms that it can exist in, whether a supplement that is ingested or even something as soothing as a bath bomb add to the popularity of its uses.

Because of the waves of debate and legislation that keep rolling through concerning marijuana, the oil has garnered a lot of attention across many countries, including the United States. While marijuana, which often has a high level of the psychoactive compound THC, is still illegal in many places, hemp-derived oil is becoming more accepted as a legal and safe remedy for health disorders. Numerous studies and research are compounding this.

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The Biochemical Foundations of CBD

THC is the primary cannabinoid of most concern to people and their research.

And next in importance is CBD out of the more than eighty cannabinoids found in cannabis plants.

The strain of the cannabis plant most commonly used to produce CBD oils, Sativa-L, has a very negligible concentration of THC.

In fact, to be considered for cannabidiol product use, the plant can’t have more than a 0.3 percent concentration by dry weight of THC(compared to rick simpson oil/rick simpson liquid which is THC-centric and contains a lot more than that).

Both Sativa and Indica strains are used to produce CBD products(and sometimes Ruderalis as well) and it really just depends on the individual company and what they like to use.

Many CBD brands use Sativa flower and leaf and other forms of medical marijuana to extract the active compounds that they need.

Indica trees are also used fairly commonly and are known to have many terpenes and other organic cannabinoids that give a great entourage effect once the final product is made.

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Why It Works In The Brain

Cannabidiol exerts its effects, which many find to be beneficial to their health, through the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system. There are millions of cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and nervous systems of the body, as well as numerous naturally produced cannabinoids. It is thought that hemp oil doesn’t react to the CBD receptors within our bodies, but instead influences the body’s cannabinoid system to work more efficiently. When hemp oil is utilized by the body, it effectively boosts the functions of the endocannabinoid system. This is what helps our body regulate itself in many different ways, and solves many of the health conditions that we experience.

While hemp-derived cannabis oil contains higher levels of the active ingredient, it also possesses a variety of nutrients and minerals, antioxidants and even volatile acids that contribute to overall health support. It is this makeup that helps aid in things chronic diseases, inflammation, pain, poor metabolic function and low appetite, as well as the mental conditions like insomnia, stress, and anxiety. As more information is discovered about cannabidiol and how it can help, its popularity is soaring as a natural supplement to treat health conditions.

Recent Studies On Cannabis Oil

Here at C.O.A we are always searching for research about this plant and its numerous natural compounds.

There have been a huge number of studies, all around the world, discussing the efficacy, safety, and overall usefulness(utility) of this wonderful new substance we all know as hemp oil(or Cannabidiol).

Epileptic seizure patients are one of the primary concerns that makes doctors and scientists motivated to keep examining all of the various analogues derived from the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plants.

Cannabaceae is the family of plants that holds the genus called “Cannabis”, and this genus is the group of botanicals that have given rise to all of these wonderful new compounds like CBD.

CBG(Cannabigerol) and CBN(Cannabinol) are 2 such compounds that are also garnering a lot of interest as of late, due to their specific effects on other body functions that CBD(Cannabidiol) may not effect directly.

We are going to be posting a ton of new CBD research information as it comes out, and will also be updating this article new information about this compound as it comes to light.

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