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The Essential CBD Extract brand is probably the most popular CBD product in Australia right now due to it being readily available here and easy to order online.

In this review we break down our own experience with the company and their products.

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The Essential CBD Extract Brand

The Essential CBD Extract brand is known for its fierce commitment to product quality, and speed of shipping(even Tasmania receives packages quickly).

Sometimes there customer service is a bit lacking and does not respond super quickly, though(their main drawback).

We did find their reputation for “potency” and “purity” to be pretty much accurate when it comes to their inventory.

The tinctures we have sampled seemed to be on-par with just about any high-quality cannabidiol brand out there.

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Products Offered

The Essential brand is currently offering liquid CBD oil tinctures which you can take sublingually for maximum absorption(you can also just mix them in a drink or swallow your dose but putting the oil under your tongue for several seconds is the best way to maximize its potency).

Here you can see a picture of their most popular packages, which are bundles of different quantities of tincture bottles:

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We heard that there could be plans for some future hemp-based gummies but they have not released them as of yet.

We are going to definitely be watching for a CBD gummy bear product or another edible because they have been talking about releasing this type of product for a long time but simply haven’t yet.

With Essential’s nearly constant commitment to product quality(even at the expense of stuff like customer support sometimes), this tells us that what they are working on is an extensive development project to produce something truly top-notch.

With that being said, however, liquid CBD formulations are the most easily-absorbed by the body, anyways.

This is why you see most companies selling these liquid tinctures as their main product(we personally use CBD in liquid form daily for our own personal use)- they simply absorb better to deliver greater potency, according to this National Health Institute article.

We found Essential CBD Extract’s liquid tinctures to be very potent with a smooth effect that you can feel within 20-40 minutes, and this calming effect lasted for 2-3 hours most of the time.

Shipping Time To Various Australian States

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Whether you live in Perth or somewhere in Tasmania, New South Wales, or really anywhere in the country, Essentials products arrive fairly quickly and all of our packages came in about 3 days(in Melbourne).

This is good in comparison to many other brands that lag in this area.

Product Attributes

Here you can see an image of a sales diagram that is shown on the Essential CBD website:

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Obviously, the “no side effects” part could be considered “hype”, since any CBD product can have side effects.

Overall, though, we found this brand to have solid tinctures that produced a very “smooth” and generally calming effect that we liked(we absolutely did NOT feel crappy like we have when using many other various CBD brands).

The “natural formula” part(as you can see in the diagram) is completely accurate, though.

In addition to that, the Essential products all have a “full spectrum” cannabinoid profile which is HUGE in terms of product quality(many other brands out there have crappy isolate CBD that they offer which is definitely not as good for many various reasons- mainly making you feel like crap).

Our Experience

The staff here at C.O.A has reviewed countless CBD products here in Australia and we have found the Essential brand to be easily one of the best.

The only other one we liked(because of its similar “smooth” effect with little side effects and no crappy feeling afterwards) was Cork Boys CBD, but that brand is no longer available in Australia.

All of the other random brands we have seen were very poorly produced and used a crappy isolate version of CBD(not the full-spectrum cannabinoid profile found in Essential CBD Extract tinctures).

In terms of the price, the Essential products are offered at a pretty competitive price compared to other brands(This page gives you the best prices and deals on Essential CBD Extract’s liquid tincture samples and packages).

The shipping has also been very fast to where we receive our packages in Melbourne.

The only downside is that getting in touch with customer support usually takes a while and they may not respond super quickly.

We never had an issue with not receiving a package or anything like that, however.

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    Trevor Cordwell September 23, 2019 at 1:52 am

    I have just started using this brand (essential CBD) and while a bit soon to gage effectively re benefit, the taste is smooth. I can only hope it will prove to be beneficial for my health. I would welcome feedback on other peoples experiences.

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